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Health Care

Health Care

Pakistan is a third-world country whose access to the latest technology and resources is limited, with Covid disrupting the biggest economies, Pakistan couldn’t fare well against it either. Due to increasing cases and a lack of resources, patients were unable to receive the necessary treatments. In times of such adversity, the KDC foundation launched its own free Covid Quarantine Centre in SUKKUR and Khairpur, to assist and help its fellow citizens.
KDC with the help of Sindh Government launched the first free Covid Quarantine Centre in SUKKUR. The Sindh Government was responsible for the all the equipments and assets utilized in the process, whereas KDC provided the volunteers and ground management part. The free Covid Quarantine Centre was founded to provide support and aid to the citizens of Sindh especially Ziareen who were on their way back to their homeland. .
Azhar Hussain, chairman of KDC foundation, said that “This is the first COVID -19 Quarantine Centre in SUKKUR, in order to deal with this global pandemic, we should expedite our precautionary procedures to get rid of this global diseases..”

Health Care & Free COVID-19 Quarantine centre

The quarantine centre is provided with the state of the art facilities. And the quarantine centre was launched at the time of the price hike due to an increase in demand for Covid facilities. It was unaffordable for the middle class to visit private quarantine centres for PCR testing or overnight stays. Simultaneously, due to the increase in cases, the government hospitals were at their maximum capacities. Thus the launch of this quarantine centre helped a lot of families, which was the primary goal of KDC and Sindh Government.